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I’d bet a ton of money that Leeann doesn’t like this photo of her. This is perfectly understandable because it really doesn’t reflect who she is in any way, shape, or form. But I had this heroin stage Marianne Faithfull image in my head and I had to lay it down. 

I’m getting a lot of messages from women who want to work with me and I’m discouraging them every way I can. I’m at this point where if I can’t turn you inside out I’m not motivated to create imagery.That’s mainly why I’m putting all my creative energy into writing right now. In that medium i can do anything i want and it’s liberating.

Model: Leeann Lux Suicide




Clearwater, Florida


I love red heads!

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New pictures by @adamrobertsonphotography coming soon… Harness and lingerie by Lux Tenebrae #lingerie #underwear #harness #bondage #redhair #tattoo #inkedgirls #inkedgirl #glamour #glam #tattoo #fierce #legs


I was looking for a photo in my digital Tumblr this morning and stumbled across a post that Tumblr had evidently deleted sometime in the past because it “violated community guidelines.” This photo. WTF!! I never got a notice, and simply can’t imagine why this would have been deleted. In fact this was one of my published photos in the Taschen “New Erotic Photography.” Oh well, here it is again.


And the rest is history - George Pitts


Me for great pinoleone


"The Whole World is Burning"

Kristy © 2014 Robert Weissner


Kimberly Jay

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Model: Robin 
Photographer: Will Hollis


Variation on an old favorite…

Opiette/Travelers Atlas

Tattoo by Nanomammoth