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Julie. LA. 2014. Leica M6 117. 


Love seat.

Lo-res 120 film scan.


La Trish NYE 2011-9

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A never-published image of Miss Kacie Marie the night we met in her South Philly home. Read about what happened that night and see more images from that night and the five years since in my almost 100-page booklet featuring images that I have exclusively shot of Kacie Marie!

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elisa : ph erica shires


Evan Romine Photography


"…But not a drop to drink."
Odin Photo
Shot at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.
July 2014
(Yeah it was hot!!)


From the Venus series

In 2012 I wanted to pay a tribute to the Eva Green “Venus” scene from the 2003 Bernardo Bertolucci film: The Dreamers.

As I don’t use Photoshop or ambitious editing software, I wrapped a model in black leg and arm warmers that cyclists wear in cold temperatures and shot her against a black background—echoing the darkened doorway that Green emerged from in the film.

What started as a simple tribute evolved to a more powerful metaphor in my mind. I started thinking of the classical Greek and Roman female nude statues and the vandalism they suffered as symbols of oppression. For example:

It’s okay to commit violence against women.

That female beauty, as powerful as it is, can be subjugated.

That female beauty is by nature sinful. (Think of the religious fanaticism that exists to this day)

That female beauty is narrowly defined by the concept of an “ideal” figure.

That female beauty is exclusively physical.

That it’s never good to be put on a pedestal.

Models: Glass Olive (top) Mae (bottom)


Model: Cammie 
Photographer: Will Hollis




Pesto Verde. by jonmmmayhem

and now more of the digital camera shots of the wondrous Mika Lovely from this past May.

there are many more pictures of her HERE